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But coach Jeff Fisher sounded as if he was more concerned with his defense than Goff’s performance in a 49-21 loss. ”Jared did a really nice job in the first half, especially in the two-minute drive,” Fisher said. ”I thought he got better, which was encouraging.” Goff is the latest in a string of heralded rookie QBs making themselves at home in the Superdome in one of their first road starts. Robert Griffin III in 2012, along with Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota in 2015, all led their teams to wins at New Orleans, completing a combined 70 percent of their passes for nearly 900 yards, seven touchdowns and no interceptions. Goff built on his first career start a week ago at home, a 14-10 loss to Miami in which he was just 55 percent passing with no touchdowns or interceptions. ”I obviously felt a lot more comfortable in my second game, just from experience,” Goff said. ”Felt better out there – was able to see it a lot better and it began to slow down a little bit for sure about halfway through the first half.” Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro was impressed with the former California quarterback, who delivered several completions under pressure, releasing the ball accurately moments before absorbing heavy hits. ”He has pretty good arm talent. He’s young.

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