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This position manages plant support team in resolving process operating and turnaround issues, increasing organizational capability, improving reliability, profitability, and utilization, and developing process designs for project work. go nowThe Process Engineering Team Lead oversees the development and implementation of technical tools to help improve the refinery operation, such as monitoring systems, work processes, etc. The Process Engineering Team Lead provides support and stewardship of refinery Loss Prevention System (LPS) and Injury Incident Free (IIF) culture. This position will report to the Technical Manager. Responsibilities for this position may include but are not limited to: Oversees the work of the Process Engineering plant support group in resolving process operating issues, supporting business needs, and developing process designs of Refinery equipment. Sets clear expectations for each engineer. Maintains close contact with the most important field jobs and manages these jobs or their critical parts Works with customers to prioritize work Operations, Maintenance and Reliability, Business Planning, Health Environmental and Safety. Partners with Business Planning for plant optimization opportunities and identification of risks to the operating plan Manages multi-area project and process system engineering and provides technical consultation Responsible for assisting in development and meeting the Process Engineering yearly operating budget Provides process engineering for refinery Process Safety Management (PSM) processes including MOC/HAZOP/IHAZID/etc. Oversees the development and implementation of technical tools to help improve the operation of operating units, such as monitoring systems, work processes, etc. Ensures sharing and standardization across the refinery areas and the Chevron refining system Oversees the use of the job logs for work prioritization.

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interview skills

interview skills

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